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You May Like to Read...

Michael Seely - that's me - has also written a number of books on other television dramas and biographies, some of which coincide with my current titles:

Available from Telos Publishing Ltd.

Prophets of Doom - the unauthorised making of Doomwatch (with Phil Ware).


Available from Fantom Publishing:

Cyberman: The Quest for Pedler

Telling the fascinating life of the creator of both the Cybermen and Doomwatch, and an advocate for alternative technology.

From the Archive: The Nightmare Man

A fondly remembered BBC drama from 1981, where a Scottish island is in the grip of an unnatural serial killer, adapted from David Wiltshire's book Child of Vodyanoi by Robert Holmes, and directed by Douglas Camfield. This volume details the production process of a very unusual horror serial. 

Directed by Douglas Camfield

The life and work of a television legend. From Doctor Who to Swizzlewick to The Sweeney and Beau Geste. Whatever the programme, he brought out the very best in its cast and crew. 

Run the Shadows, Walk the Sun

I also helped Doctor Who actor John Levene write his memoir, perhaps my most enjoyable book to date, and hope to work with him again on another volume.

Who and Me - The Memoirs of Barry Letts

I contributed a final chapter to a new edition of Barry Letts' wonderful memoirs. It briefly describes Barry's career from 1971. I regret now not  turning it into a full length volume instead.