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Burial at Sea - Five More Missing Episodes of Doomwatch


Presenting five more scripts from the successful BBC1 series 'Doomwatch' which are lost from the television archives, presumably forever. 'Friday's Child', 'Burial at Sea', and 'Hear No Evil' come from the first series transmitted in 1970 and chilled the viewer to the bone, whereas 'Without the Bomb' and 'Cause of Death' are from the controversial and mostly lost final series of 1972 and gave the viewer pause for thought.

Once again, written by experienced television dramatists; the powerful Harry Green, the versatile Dennis Spooner, the thoughtful Roger Parkes, and the emotional Louis Marks, this is unforgettable television from its golden age.

The scripts are accompanied by explanatory footnotes written by Michael Seely. The book also contains the two storylines prepared by Roger Parkes for his script, and a complete guide to 'Doomwatch' viewing figures.